Where My ‘Black’ Guy Geeks & Nerds At?

Speaking of geek and nerd sh*t. Where are my ‘black’ male programmers and technologists? I want to hear from you. I know you’re out there building databases, websites, and software apps. The world must know about your brilliance and late night single guy parties in front of your computer screens.

Email me at tara (at) mediamakechange (dot) org or leave a comment below. I’m looking for stories for an upcoming article or two.


One thought on “Where My ‘Black’ Guy Geeks & Nerds At?

  1. Hey Tara.

    I have a feeling I might have geek qualifications, at least based on the sight of my living room.

    We actually met at Brett Gilbert’s apartment warming several weeks ago.

    Not sure if I’m the type of nerd of which stories are written, however…

    I work as an IT person for an ad agency (geek +1)
    I’m teaching myself to write iPhone and iPad apps, I have a couple on the app store (geek + 10)
    I’ve cowritten and produced an EP on sale on the iTunes store
    (geek + 5)
    My living room has several things with flashing lights, switches and buttons, keys, strings, or monitor displays (geek + 5)
    I dabble in singing, electric bass, keyboards, and digital trumpet (geek + 2)
    But i don’t dance particularly well (geek + 10)


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