I passed.

The letter arrived in the mail today around 4pm EST. When I saw the return address from my department, I knew. Before I could even open the letter, it fell from my hands and onto the lobby floor of my apartment building. Nerves. For the past four months, I had an inkling that I passed my doctoral certification exam, but one’s never quite sure when it comes to these things; that is, the intellectual validation from your senior level peers.

I still have two more steps to accomplish before I advance to full candidacy; the Certification Study (or “pilot study”) and Literature Review. Here’s to knocking ’em down like bowling pins on the last frame.

Now that I’ve passed this step, I have a bucket load of confidence going into my own research. I happy. I’m relieved. And, well you basically . . .

Cause . . .

That’s right, I said . . .

I’ll be poppin’ that doctoral student swag until further notice.

On to the next…



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