Fieldnotes 2: “In New York City, you have to make your own space”

The following are excerpts from my fieldnotes describing a recent site visit. The names have been changed to protect privacy. Excerpt 1 Roughly 45-minutes into the three hour visit, I noticed something interesting happening. This wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen or … Continue reading

Why vine is a perfect medium for comedy


Two words: Jump cut

In film, the jump cut, or abrupt transition from one frame to the next, functions like a quick, confusing, and incongruous utterance. The viewer is required to fill in the missing rationale or logic, although she doesn’t realize it. In humor theory, incongruity theory describes “laughter in response to a perception of incongruity.” The jump cut evokes humor, as seen on Vine, the popular short video mobile app with a growing number of aspiring and established comedians.

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Aging in the Age of the Selfie #TheSelfieProject

Aging in the Age of the Selfie


Looking at the lines on my face

through the iPhone lens

Drawn deeper, longer.

The curls on my head

lie heavy, grey.

Taking up the screen.

They move on their own now.

The camera’s filter can’t seem to catch a

glimpse of daddy’s and mommy’s face

in mine.

I am my own woman now.

My eyes appear

calm and dark.

They smile on their own.

I remember what Audre Lorde wrote in ‘Change of Season’

She asks:

“Am I to be cursed forever with becoming somebody else on my way to myself?”

She continues,

“I have paid dearly in time for love I hoarded


summer goes into my words

and comes out reason.”

I am trying to capture a sense of time in this selfie.



where to locate change

on a digital

and aging face.


Media Analysis On Violence, Rape, and Little Red Riding Hood

RED, from directors Jorge Jaramillo and Carlo Guillot is an interpretation based on the fairy tale “Little Red Ridding Hood”. Jaramillo and Guillot’s interpretation is gruesomely violent, and yet (as I will further explore below), is also a beautiful take on a classic story. Here is a description of the piece from the directors:

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I’m from a black dot on a white canvas searching for rainbows

This is a multimodal piece I produced for my class in Culture, Media, and Education. I like fusing media and genres (written/spoken poetry, painting, digital video). Suites me quite well.

I am from long strokes of acrylic bent on canvas sky
from blotches of black and blue mixed with white and reds
I am from the taste of colors long forbidden
Soul food, Black Foot, Irish-American.

I am from somewhere vague like shadows at noon
from Negro seeds planted in the fields on hot southern days
from an east coast milk truck named “Conley” for short.
I am from somewhere whose love managed to give me life.

I am from hard fights and harder hugs
from bedrooms of imagination
filled with stories of magic carpets and gospel songs.
I am from the house on 8th street where herbs grew in gardens instead of mangos.

I am from my mother’s eye
Watching and waiting
from her spirit longing to be free
from the rainbow shirt that covered her belly with me inside.

I am from my father’s hands lost
in the strokes of oily painted white mountains,
from the heart he held to stop the attack,
from hardened pale fingers
I touched that were unfamiliar.
From the shadow that moved curtains
when it was over.

I am from an amalgamation of memories
from a black dot on a white canvas searching for rainbows.

#culture #media #education #multimodality